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10 Best Italian Wars Books of All Time

by Cedric

Are you also fascinated by the history and underlying reasons behind wars? Over time, there have been many Italian wars, and we must understand the impact of these uproars. Most people hate finding the right books to guide them, so we are here with a perfect list to educate you on the matter.

The Other Italy

Everyone knows about the rivalry between these Italian settlers and the Nazis and fascists. These city-by-city wars in Italy were filled with courage, heroism, and much sacrifice. The book stands out from the crowd because it sheds light on the development of wartime resistance, starting from 1943 to two years later when it was triumphant against all odds.

Here is everything you will find in this book:

  • Excitement;
  • Underground radio operating systems against the Nazis by the patriots;
  • Mountain fighters put in efforts to make sure they blast enemies;
  • Peasants who were generous enough to help allied escapees;
  • German tanks facing opposition from youngsters;
  • The role of the Romans against the Nazis.

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Italian Naval Camouflage of World War II

Italian war history is pretty exciting. The more you read about it, the more you get involved and understand its reasons. Marco Ghiglino tells the readers about the post-war era in this book instead of sticking to the violence. The book goes on to talk about several underdeveloped forces and prewar plans. We also learn about different schemes, drawings, photographs, and further development. It is the perfect way to help the audience understand and imagine what the Italian naval camouflage might have looked like. It also talks about Greek theatre and several influences that changed it with time. It is one of the best Italian books for historians and is quite valuable.

A Hard Way to Make a War

Do you remember the combined forces battle zone in the 20th century? Yup, there were countless attempts to explain it, but this one takes all the votes. It is no surprise that the Allies’ invasion of Sicily was the first toehold of the Italians in Europe. But what is the most crucial aspect of the war in the Italians book? The way the commanders deal with the force, of course. It takes the excitement on another level by uncovering how commanders quickly responded to the military changes required during the battlefield.

Mussolini in Ethiopia, 1919–1935

If you are looking for the best books Italian history, then never skip this one. It talks about the nature between National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) and the National Fascist Party. Understanding these relations is quite challenging if you try to read it online or find some other source of explanation, so sticking to this piece will be an added benefit. You can learn about the fascist colonial policy, the crash of interests with the British, and some aspects of world politics.

Italian Aces of World War 2

The Italian Aces of World War 2 is one of the best Italian history books to consider for those fascinated by the airforce and fighter jets like Fiat G-50, Fiat CR.42, and Macchi 200-202. It talks about how these fighter pilots and their jets were the epitomai of courage and bravery. So, before you decide to overlook this one, make sure you give it a second thought because reading this Italian historical fiction will be a wonderful experience.

The 1799 Campaign in Italy

France fails to win the war in Italy. The battle of Novi (15 August 1799) was a massive French disaster in Italy, with an Austro-Russian expeditionary force led by Marshal Suvorov defeating the joint French military troops in the country. It already feels like you’re living the battle, right? Imagine reading one of the best books on Italian history. Wow! The French had occupied Italy in the initial stages of the fight in 1799. However, the humiliating defeat at Magnano, Cassano, and the Trebbia, forced them to retreat. There, the military forces of Generals Macdonald and Moreau were merged under the control of Barthélemy Joubert.

Best Italian Wars Books 2

The Second Italian War of Independence

The book talks about how these people were divided into tiny states, and there were unrivaled political forces and economic growth in Europe during medieval times. During the eighteenth century, they were somehow confined to one of the more prominent, powerful countries. This procedure of conquering and subservience started in the early 16th and 17th centuries when the Duke of Milan asked France to respond with force in his favor, and it never stalled.

It is undoubtedly one of the most informative Italian books because it talks about the geostrategic representation in Italy when the upheaval of the French Revolution managed to cross the Alps. The military efforts of the iconic Napoleon Bonaparte would set in precedent for the future that would reverberate all across Italy for the rest of the nineteenth century.

Italian Cruisers of World War II

As a contracting party to the Washington Naval Treaty in 1922, the Regia Marina instantaneously tried to supplement its peace accord battlecruiser power by establishing seven major 10,000-ton heavily loaded navy ships. Italian light cruisers had an innovative architectural legacy. They were engaged in every substantial fleet involvement in the Mediterranean and several narrower interactions with British Royal Navy components. It is one of the most notable books on Italian history.

Little Italy in the Great War

The Great War presented a challenge to everyone who was affected by it. Torn among their home country and their country of resettlement, the immigrants faced political allegiances that forced them to consider the meaning and significance of American culture. So, make sure you read this one instead of missing out on this chunk of information!

The First Italian War

Italian history books are super-exciting, and the thrill is matchless. The novel talks about how the ordinary folk in each territory and the educated elite spoke mutually incomprehensible dialects and lacked any semblance of collective consciousness. They desired good government rather than self-government and welcomed Napoleon and the French as more effective and equitable than their born and bred royal families.

These are some fantastic books that you must have in your collection. Reading all these will help you utilize your time correctly and enhance your knowledge about the battle zone. It will take much interest for you to read these, so be prepared to focus and put in the effort to understand it all.

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