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Italian Army Equipment in World War II

by Cedric

The Second World War is one of the saddest pages of world history, as it is associated with millions of deaths, ruined lives, tears, and sorrows. At the same time, it is surely the moment that should be remembered and taken lessons of.

Studying at college, most learners have to accomplish difficult tasks that are frequently associated with research on history-related topics. Some learners may find it interesting to spend time reading history books and finding out the smallest details of WW2, while others will keep looking for someone who can “Write an essay for me fast and at a reasonable cost.”

No matter if you challenge yourself and make an effort to discover complicated moments of world history or entrust this assignment to professionals, you will be impressed with the result you get. According to the comments of college students, historians, and just random people excited about history, World War II was a unique period that revealed the strengths and weaknesses of many countries. A considerable number of nations that were confident in their army failed, while others, who were unsure about their potential influence throve.

Are you excited to dive into the details of World War? You should be ready to read a lot about Germany, the Soviet Union, Britain, and France. Additionally, you will also hear many facts about Italy and its contribution to the event development.

Italian Army Before and During the Second World War

Working on the WW2 essay is a challenging task that requires much time and concern. Surfing the web and reading the corresponding literature, learners will come across controversial facts and dubious details that require extra study and research. When it comes to the Second World War and the participation of Italy in it, Wikipedia is one of the fastest and simplest ways to set the desired connections and clarify the most complicated points.

Generally, it is impossible to deny that the Italian army was always portrayed as a weak part of the conflict. There are numerous reasons and explanations for the tendency. First of all, it is critical to mention that the Italian military was weakened before the outburst of the war. The country had had a plethora of desperate conquests in Spain, Albania, and Ethiopia right before the beginning of the international conflict. Consequently, the army was not ready to enter a new phase that presupposed active battles and the necessity to resist powerful opponents. Additionally, it is inevitable to note that the equipment and leadership of the country were inadequate at that time so that the army suffered from several defeats.

The events that followed WW2 were not satisfying for the country, as they were related to the fall of Mussolini from power and the upcoming civil war. Moreover, the reputation of Italy was doubted in the international arena, which influenced the further development of the country.

Equipment Italian Army Had in 1940

Talking about Italy in the Second World War, it is inevitable to mention that the military of the country was initially not ready for the war that was declared on Great Britain and France in the year 1940. The army was not ready for the new attacks, as it was weakened by previous conflicts. The Royal Army lacked equipment and uniforms at that time, which affected their readiness for the battle. A lot of military divisions were destroyed during the minor conflicts, but still, in 1940, the Italian government managed to gather over 2 million Italians fighting against enemies. Seventy-three new divisions were organized, striving to protect the nation and advance its significance in the international arena.

Irrespective of the human resources Italy had, the army lacked professional and quality equipment. At that time, the Italian military had no heavy tanks. Instead, they were supplied with 70 medium tanks and over a thousand light tanks, which could not be enough for successful battles against powerful and influential countries. The army lacked the training and equipment necessary for successful fights. Additionally, it is critical to emphasize that the Air Force that was usually the most reliable part of the army, could not strengthen it at that time, as it also lacked bombers and fighters. 

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