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War Essay: 5 Things To Write About

by Cedric

Writing about war can be one of the most challenging things for a student. The topic is one that should be handled sensitively and with care. Almost all the information derived about wars is from secondary resources. This is why one must be very vigilant while approaching a topic like this. Usually, students are given ample time to come up with a piece of writing on a topic as vast as war. You would use all the rules of essay writing in English that you normally do and focus on the topic at hand. Here are the 5 things you can write about in a War essay.


Writing an essay about war can be challenging. This is why we are writing this article to help you with your essay on war. Every big war has a huge number of casualties. The senseless loss of human life is something that will always shock and move a reader. An essay on war casualties, both human and resources, has the ability to impact readers for a very long time. It also helps us reflect on important things, like the lives we currently lead. This is why you can write a brilliant essay on the casualties of war.

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War Strategy

One of the most important things that people analyze after the war is the strategy employed by the parties involved. How did the different countries conduct themselves during the war? What kind of tactics did they employ? What was the behavior of the military? Answering these key questions may help one understand the way groups were formed and the human factors behind the war. Another important element of this aspect is battle tactics. Conducting detailed research on the practical and mental training of soldiers will prepare you to write a good essay on war strategy.

Causes of War

This is the question everyone wants the answer to. What are the factors that led to the war? Who contributed to it and in what capacity? Reading the news has helped us understand human nature at its very core. Reading about the causes of war will assist further in this quest. No matter which countries were involved in a war, it always helps to figure out what they fought for. This topic could take a more philosophical turn, where you look back at history and try to understand the current conditions. Compare global conflicts with modern-day problems and write a comprehensive essay that a reader will be invested in.

Alliances and Opponents

Alliances and teams during the war were usually born out of the desire to be victorious. Some alliances fail to stop a war from happening. A lot of them are formed by previously hated enemies and they are fascinating to read about. Cooperations and negotiations with the enemy are also commonly seen during the war, and it is something that you can write about to make your essay stand out. An essay on the two sides of a war with information about all its members makes for readable content.

Survivors’ Memories

There aren’t many war veterans or survivors alive today. But if you have a grandparent or an acquaintance who was around at the time, you can write a personal story-like essay that is derived solely from the memories of the individual. For this type of essay, you can also conduct research and gather information. Personal stories are always unique and impactful to read, as they are true and relatable. You have the ability to influence and move a lot of people with an essay like this.

Closing words

You can find a variety of war essay prompts on the internet, but coming up with a topic on your own is tricky yet fulfilling. Try to incorporate some of your own opinions in an essay about war, and explain why you hold the beliefs that you do. The most important thing is to show how meaningless and unnecessary war is, and how all it has caused is mass-scale damage. Approach the topic sensitively and you’ll end up with a great essay.

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