Regia Aeronautica

Savoia-Marchetti SM.75 Marsupiale

Background on the Savoia-Marchetti SM.75 The Savoia-Marchetti SM.75 Marsupiale was a civilian airliner which the Regia Aeronautica primarily utilized for military personnel and cargo flights. Military version of the Savoia-Marchetti SM.75 ...

Caproni Ca.310 Overview and Specifications

The Caproni Ca.310 was an Italian reconnaissance and light bomber monoplane which first flew on 20 February 1937 and retired from service in 1948.

Fiat CR.42 Falco: Italy’s Famous WWII Biplane

The Fiat Cr.42 Falco is an Italian biplane which served in World War Two. It was an agile aircraft during dogfights, but considered obsolete.

Italian Piaggio P.108 Heavy Bomber

The Piaggio P108 was the only heavy four-engine bomber to see service with the Regia Aeronautica during World War Two. It was an innovative design.

CANSA FC.20 History and Specifications

CANSA FC.20 is an Italian reconnaissance and tactical bomber designed by Giacomo Mosso. It had limited maneuverability, unsteadiness, and low performance.

IMAM Ro.37 Overview and Specifications

The IMAM Ro.37 is an Italian biplane built in 1934. It was a two-seat fighter/reconnaissance aircraft serving in the Balkans and both African campaigns.

IMAM Ro.57 Overview and Specifications

The IMAM Ro.57 was an attempt by Italian engineers to supply the Regia Aeronautica with a modern heavy fighter to support and substitute its older fighters.

CANT Z.506 Airone Overview and Specifications

CANT Z.506 was an Italian three engine low wing seaplane first flown in 1935. The military version, CANT Z.506B was one of the best floatplanes ever built.

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