Order of Battle

Italian Invasion of Greece on 28 October 1940

The Italian Army Order of Battle for the invasion of Greece is identified below. This Order of Battle was effective October 28, 1940.

Regio Esercito OOB Invasion of Greece on October 28, 1940

Italian invasion of Greece in 1940.

This map shows the Italian invasion of Greece in 1940 and the Greek gains made in the following months. Image credit: Alexikoua


Ciamuria Army Corps

Infantry Divisions

Armored Division

12 Infantry Battalions
3 Bersaglieri Battalions
4 Armored Battalions
6 Blackshirt Battalions

Alpine Division
5 Alpine Battalions

1 Albanian Volunteer Battalion

Coastal Group
3rd Grenadier Regiment

Cavalry Regiment

3 Grenadier Battalions
4 Cavalry Squadron Groups
2 Albanian Volunteer Battalions


XXVI Army Corps

Infantry Division


Infantry Division


Infantry Division

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