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Italian Invasion of Yugoslavia on 06 April 1941 (OOB)

by Jim H

Order of Battle of the Italian Invasion of Yugoslavia

A detailed Order of Battle of the Italian invasion of Yugoslavia on 06 April 1941.

Italian black shirt battalion in the invasion of Yugoslavia.

An Italian Black Shirt battalion in Yugoslavia in Spring 1941.

Giulian Front

2nd Army

Commander: General Des. A. Vittorio Ambrosio

V Corps

General R. Balocco

15th Infantry Division “Bergamo” (General P. Belletti)

57th Infantry Division “Lombardia” (General V. Zatti)

GAF Sectors XXV, XXVI and XXVII (General A. Torriano)

(Reinforced with 3 CCNN battalions, 3 field artillery battalions and the 10th GAF Group)

V MG battalion (packed)

CV MG battalion (motorized)

V Guastatori battalion

5th Corps artillery group

III Engineer battalion

Detached from army command

VII MG battalion

CVII MG battalion

10th Army artillery group

XXII AA artillery battalion

VI Corps

General Lorenzo Dalmazzo

12th Infantry Division “Sassari” (General  F. Monticelli)

20th Infantry Division “Friuli” (General  V. Ferroni)

26th (Mountain) Infantry Division “Assietta” (General  E. Girlando)

VI MG battalion (packed)

CVI MG battalion (motorized)

6th Corps Artillery support

Detached from Army Commannd

13 Army artillery battalions

1 AA artillery battalion

XI Corps

General  M. Robotti

3rd (Mountain) Infantry Division “Ravenna” (General  E. Nebbia)

13th Infantry Division “Re” (General  B. Fiorenzoli)

14th Infantry Division “Isonzo” (General  F. Romero)

3rd Valley Alpine Group (Colonello A. Bruzzone)

GAF Sectors XVII, XXI, XXII, and XXIII (General  C. Viale)

(Reinforced with 6 CCNN battalions, 1 MG battalion, 15 artillery battalions)

XI MG battalion (packed)

CXI MG battalion (motorized)

11th Corps Artillery group

VII Engineer battalion

Detached from Army Command

1st Army artillery group

3rd Army artillery group

Autotransportabile Corps

General  F. Zingales

133rd Armored Division “Littorio” (General  G. Bitossi)

9th Autotransportabile Division “Pasubio” (General V. Giovannelli)

52nd Autotransportabile Division “Torino” (General  L. Manzi)

30th Corps artillery group

IV Engineer battalion

VII Signal battalion

Celere Corps

General  F. Ferrari Orsi

1st Celere Division “Eugenio di Savoia” (General  C. Lomaglio)*

2nd Celere Division “Emanuele Filiberto Testa di Ferro” (General  C. Ceriana Manieri)*

3rd Celere Division “principe Amedeo Duca d’Aosta” (General  M. Marazzani)*

* all with an additional regiment

Army Support 3rd engineer Group (on six battalions)

II Chemical battalion

15 territorial battalions 2 static battalions

Zara Front

Zara Garrison

Commander – General E. Giglioli

3 MG battalions

“Zara” bersaglieri battalion

CIII GAF group

III DICAT battalion

XX engineer battalion

Albanian Front (Deployed Against Yugoslavia)

Upper Command Armed Forces Albania

Commander – General  Ugo Cavallero

XIV Corps

General G. Vecchi

38th (Mountain) Infantry Division “Puglie” (General  A. d’Aponte)

(without 72th Infantry Regiment detached to XVII corps)

4th Alpine Division “Cuneense” (General  E. Battisti)

6th “Aosta Lancers” calvary regiment

IV, CVI, CXIV, GAF battalions

2 carabinieri battalions

1 finance guard battalion

Forestal militia group

XVII (Armored) Corps

General  G. Pafundi

131st Armored Division “Centauro” (General  G. Pizzolato)

18th Infantry Division “Messina” (General  F. Zani)

32nd (Mountain) Infantry Division “Marche” (General  R. Pentimalli)

Blackshirt Group “Diamanti”

Blackshirt Group “Skanderbeg”

72nd Infantry Regiment

19th “Guide Light Cavalry” Regiment

23rd Blackshirt Legeon

XXII motorcycle Bersaglieri battalion

XI Carabinieri battalion

1 Finance Guard battalion 3 GAF battalions

21st Motorized Field Artillery Regiment

Librazid Sector

General  G. Nasci

24th Infantry Division “Pinerolo” (General  G. de Stefanis)

41st Infantry Division “Firenze” (General  P. Negri)

53rd (Mountain) Infantry Division “Arezzo” (General  E. Ferone)

Blackshirt Group “Biscaccianti”

4th Bersaglieri Regiment

7th “Milano Lancers” Cavalry Regiment

Finance Guard Tactical Group (3 Battalions)

8th Corps Artllery Group)

Invasion of Yugoslavia Order of Battle courtesy of Lupo Solitario.

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