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Regio Esercito Components in WWII

by Jim H

Regio Eserecito Components

The following tables provide a breakdown of the Regio Esercito components during World War Two.

regio esercito components

Number and Title Infantry Regiment Brigade Title Artillery Regiment
13th Re 1st – 2nd 23rd
29th Piemonte 3rd – 4th 24th
28th Aosta 5th – 6th 22nd
6th Cuneo 7th – 8th 27th
50th Regina 9th – 10th 50th
56th Casale 11th – 12th 56th
24th Pinerolo 13th – 14th 18th
55th Savona 15th – 16th 12th
33rd Acqui 17th – 18th 33rd
27th Brescia 19th – 20th 55th
44th Cremona 21st – 22nd 7th
14th Isonzo 23rd – 24th Como 6th
15th Bergamo 25th – 26th 4th
17th Pavia 27th – 28th 26th
26th Assietta 29th – 30th Pisa 25th
51st Siena 31st – 32nd 51st
4th Livorno 33rd – 34th 28th
16th Pistoia 35th – 36th 3rd
3rd Ravenna 37th – 38th 121st
25th Bologna 39th – 40th 205th
37th Modena 41st – 42nd 29th
36th Forli’ 43rd – 44th 36th
30th Sabauda 45th – 46th Reggio 16th
23rd Ferrara 47th – 48th 14th
49th Parma 49th – 50th 49th
22nd Cacciatori delle Alpi 51st – 52nd 1st
2nd Sforzesca 53rd – 54th Umbria 17th
32nd Marche 55th – 56th 32nd
10th Piave 57th – 58th Abbruzzi 20th
102nd Trento (mot) 61st – 62nd Sicilia 46th, 7th Bersaglieri
59th Cagliari 63rd – 64th 59th
101st Trieste (mot) 65th – 66th Valtellina 21st, 9th Bersaglieri
58th Legnano 67th – 68th Palermo 58th
61st Sirte 69th – 70th Ancona 43rd
38th Puglie 71st – 72nd 15th
57th Lombardia 73rd -74th 57th
54th Napoli 75th – 76th 54th
7th Lupi di Toscana 77th – 78th 30th
9th Pasubio 79th – 80th Roma 8th
52nd Torino 81st- 82nd 52nd
19th Venezia 83rd- 84th 19th
60th Sabratha 85th – 86th Verona 42nd
20th Friuli 87th – 88th 35th
5th Cosseria 89th – 90th Salerno 29th
1st Superga 91st- 92nd Basilicata 5th
18th Messina 93rd- 94th 2nd
103rd Piacenza 111th – 112th 37th
104th Mantova 113th – 114th 11th
62nd Marmarica 115th – 116th Treviso 44th
155th Emilia 119th – 120th 155th
153rd Macerata 121st – 122nd 153rd
80th La Spezia (airborne) 125th – 126th 80th
41st Firenze 127 th – 128th 41st
151st Perugia 129th – 130th 151st
47th Bari 139th – 140th 47th
64th Catanzaro 141st – 142nd 203rd
12th Sassari 151st – 152nd 34th
63rd Cirene 157th – 158th Liguria 45th
48th Taro 207th – 208th ?
53rd Arezzo 225th (Lecce)-226th 53rd
105th Rovigo 227th – 228th 117th
11th Brennero 231st – 232nd Avellino 9th
152nd Piceno 235th – 236th 152nd
154th Murge 259th – 260th 154th
156th Vicenza 277th-278th-279th ?
158th Zara 291st – 292nd ?
21st Granatieri di Sardegna 1st-2nd-3rd grenadier 13th
? Granatieri di Savoia 10th-11th-12th grenadier ?

Parachute Divisions

184th Nembo 183rd-184th-185th 184th
185th Folgore 186th-187th 185th

Armored Divisions

132nd Ariete 32nd Tank 132nd Artillery 8th Bersaglieri
133rd Littorio 33rd tank 133rd Artillery 12th Bersaglieri
134th Centauro 31st Tank 131st Artillery 5th Bersaglieri
136th Giovani Fascisti 3 Tank Battalions 1st Artillery Regiment 3 Bersaglieri Bns

Celere Divisions

1st Eugenio di Savoia
14th Alessandria Cavalry Regiment
1st Celere Artillery Regiment
11th Bersaglieri Regiment
2nd Emanuele Filiberto Divisions
9th Lancers Firenze Regiment
10th Lancers Vittorio Emanuele II Regiment
2nd Celere Artillery Regiment
6th Bersaglieri Regiment
3rd Principe Amedeo Duca d’Aosta Division
3rd Dragoons Savoia Regiment
5th Lancers Novara Regiment
3rd Celere Artillery Regiment
3rd Bersaglieri Regiment

Alpini Divisions

1st Taurinense 3rd-4th Alpini Regiment 1st Mountain Artillery Regiment
2nd Tridentina 5th-6th Alpini Regiment 2nd Mountain Artillery Regiment
3rd Julia 8th-9th Alpini Regiment 3rd Mountain Artillery Regiment
4th Cuneense 1st-2nd Alpini Regiment 4th Mountain Artillery Regiment
5th Pusteria 7th-11th Alpini Regiment 5th Mountain Artillery Regiment
6th Alpi Graie 3rd-4th Groups ‘Valle’ 6th Mountain Artillery Regiment
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