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Invasion of Egypt 09 December 1940 OOB

by Jim H

Order of Battle for the Italian Invasion of Egypt

The Order of Battle of the Italian invasion of Egypt on 09 December 1940 is listed below. Due to the many Italian losses, there were many changes in the Order of Battle until February 1941 when Operation Compass came to a halt. Please contact us with any corrections or additions.

Tanks advance to the border in the Italian invasion of Egypt.

Tanks advance to the border in the Italian invasion of Egypt.

Supreme Commander North Africa

Maresciallo d’Italia Rodolfo Graziani

5th Army

HQ Tripoli

10th Army

HQ Bardia

Generale di Corpo d’Armata Italo Gariboldi

12th Art. Reg

25th Art Reg

55th Art. Reg

10th Bers. Reg

4 MG Bns

Comando Carri Armati del Libia

HQ Mechili

Generale di Brigata Valentino Babini

II Tank Bns

V Tank Bns

3 Bers Reg

One Motorcycle Bns

One Art Reg

2 Anti Tank Co

XX Corpo d’Armata

HQ Berta

Generale di Corpo d’Armata Ferdinando Cona

60 Division Sabratha

85 Inf Reg

86 Inf Reg

42 Art Reg

XXII Corpo d’Armata

HQ Tobruk

Generale di Corpo d’Armata Enrico P. Manella

61 Division Sirte

69th Inf Reg

70th Inf Reg

43rd Art Reg

1st Ragruppamento Carristi

I Tank Bns

XXI Tank Bns

LXII Tank Bns

LXIII Tank Bns

XXIII Corpo d’Armata

HQ Bardia

Generale di Corpo d’Armata Annibale Bergonzoli

1st MVSN Div

23 Marzo

219th Blackshirt Leg

233rd Blackshirt Leg

201st Art Reg

2nd MVSN Div

28 Ottobre

231st Blackshirt Leg

203rd Blackshirt Leg

202nd Art Reg

62nd Division Marmarica

115th Art Reg

116th Art Reg

44th Art Reg

XXI Corpo d’Armata

HQ Sofafi

Generale di Corpo d’Armata Lorenzo Dalmazzo

63rd Division Cirene

157th Inf Reg

158th Inf Reg

45th Art Reg

64th Division Catanzaro

141st Inf Reg

142nd Inf Reg

203rd Art Reg

Gruppo Divisione Libiche

HQ Sidi Barrani

Generale di Corpo d’Armata Sebastiano Gallina

1st Division Libica

8th Libyan Inf Bns

9th Libyan Inf Bns

10th Libyan Inf Bns

11th Libyan Inf Bns

12th Libyan Inf Bns

13th Libyan Inf Bns

2nd Division Libica

2nd Libyan Inf Bns

3rd Libyan Inf Bns

6th Libyan Inf Bns

7th Libyan Inf Bns

14th Libyan Inf Bns

15th Libyan Inf Bns

Ragruppamento Malletti

1st Libyan Inf Bns

4th Libyan Inf Bns

5th Libyan Inf Bns

18th Libyan Inf Bns

19th Libyan Inf Bns

4th MVSN Division

3 Gennaio

250th Blackshirt Leg

270th Blackshirt Leg

204th Art Reg

2nd Ragruppamento Carristi

II Tank Bns

IX Tank Bns

XX Tank Bns

LXI Tank Bns

Periods of Command

10 June 1940 – 28 June 1940
Marasciallo dell’Aerea Italo Balbo
(Killed by friendly AA fire)

28 June 1940 – 11 February 1941
Marsciallo d’Italia Rodolfo Graziani
(Requested to be relieved after the defeat in Operation Compass and the surrender at Beda Fomm)

11 February 1941 – 19 July 1941
Generale d’Armata Italo Gariboldi
(Relieved because of his alleged lack of cooperation with Rommel)

19 July 1941 – 05 February 1943
Generale d’Armata Ettore Bastico
(Promoted Maresciallo d’Italia on August 12, 1942)

Note: The supreme command was dissolved after Libya was lost to the British in February 1943. Although the post of Supreme Commander nominally included the command of all Axis forces in Libya (excluding Egypt 1942), its actual responsibilities were steadily diminished. Rommel was actually considered the commander since autumn of 1941. The situation of the Supreme Commander was further complicated by the incessant interference from Mussolini and Ugo Cavallero‘s Comando Supremo. Rommel faced similar problems when dealing with Hitler, Wilhelm Keitel‘s OKW or Kesselring).

Special thanks to Stefan Schlemmer for the OOB and Note.

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